Sparco Arrow KG-7.1 EVO


  • Suurused  7-13
  • Laste suurused 4-6 (ainult must värvus)
  • TOOTE LÕPUMÜÜK! Küsi saadaolevaid suuruseid ja värve!


  • Pre-curvedElasticised double layer fabric in cotton for better comfort even when sweating, + breathable, + lighterHigh-range gloves with outer stitching for a better fitBack and fingers preformed to facilitate the driving position and reduce bunching, elastic wrist cuff for snug fit

    The model has various novelties, starting from the ergonomic profiling (zoom photo with steering wheel) of the thumb, a modelled solution that gives greater driving comfort with a consequent improvement in performance

    Profiled index for larger TouchS surface, an innovative Technology in printed silicone enabling interaction with Smartphone and Touch devices

    TouchS on index and thumb, so that they are more sensitive also for adjusting the carburettor

    Palm with high-grip silicone and new graphic, developed for reducing bunching and maintaining good breathability but also resistance to abrasion where it rubs against the steering wheel

    Padding in the carpal region of the palm to reduce impact damage

    Possibility of personalisation following Sparco guidelines.

    New back graphic for ready-personalisation

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