BMW E46 drift kit V2


Front suspension drift kit V2 for BMW E46

Lock steering angle or whatever you want to call kit that allows you to drift properly here in Individual Racing Parts is just simply called a drift kit. Increase your capabilities of suspension adjustment, steering angle and the strength of your front lower control arms the easiest way. With IRP drift kit your vehicle will easily adjust the front wheels to steer more equally for drifting than factory engineers were assuming it to be for regular driving. Engineered especially for drifting and precisely built for perfection of your racecar!

*Widens track by 65 mm at each side. Total width of track increases by 130 mm
*Control arms are made of high strength TIG welded chromium molybdenum-better known as chromoly (SAE steel grade) and have “Fluro motorsport series” spherical bearings
*Lighter control arms than V1
*Increases steering angle up to ~70°
*Max grip – bigger bearings and angled bearing bushings are used in V2 than the V1. Wheel has more space to move up and down
*More clearance for bigger wheels ex. R18 245

Kit includes:
*2pcs. Chromoly control arms
*2pcs. Caster adjusters (Lollipops) (not showed in the pictures)
*2pcs. Tie rods ends
*2pcs. Camber plates
*2pcs. Hub add-ons
*All necessary nuts, washers and bolts included.

To install this kit you will need:
*Use a setup of front coilovers
*Front sway bar needs to be eliminated
*Longer brake hoses
*Wider front fenders or overfenders
*Qualified mechanic

All spare parts could be bought separately under request.
** IRP drift kit is suitable for race use only!

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